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Quality Assurance Plans

Alberta’s Air Monitoring Directive (“AMD”) was written in 1989 and an amendment was released in 2006.  The AMD is in the process of being reviewed and revised by the regulators to bring it in line with current standards.  The revised AMD (2014) is being released in chapters.  It should be noted that all sections from the AMD 2006 have already been repealed and incorporated in Chapter 1 (“Introduction”) and Chapter 5 (“QUALITY SYSTEM for Developing, Implementing and Maintaining a Quality Management System for Air Monitoring”) of the AMD 2014. However, Section 3.0 “Reporting requirements” of AMD 2006 is still under the review and continues to be in effect.
The purpose of the AMD 2014 is to:

  • Outline the minimum requirements for the collection and reporting of air monitoring data in Alberta;
  • Establish a set of consistent requirements for Quality Assurance practices that ensure, and allow for verification of, the quality of the air data collected in Alberta and ensure data comparability among monitoring sites; and
  • Provide guidance and criteria to operators of monitoring equipment, auditors, and the Regulator (AER or AEP, as applicable) on minimum Quality Assurance requirements and air monitoring and reporting requirements.

As required under AMD 2014, any facility operating under an Approval is required to have a site-specific Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) if it is required to do air monitoring and reporting.
The Quality System Chapter (Chapter 5) does not include the requirements for Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS).  The CEMS Code (Alberta Environmental Protection, 1998) includes additional requirements for a QAP for specific for CEMS monitoring. For further information on these requirements, please refer to Envirotech’s complementary services for CEMS Compliance.

In summary, the relationship between the Facility Approval, the AMD 2014 and Chapter 5 can be described, as follows:

  • The Facility Approval dictates what monitoring and reporting must be conducted;
  • The AMD 2014, as amended, provides the prescribed technical methods for monitoring and reporting; and
  • Chapter 5 of the AMD 2014 outlines the quality assurance practices that must be applied to ensure that air monitoring, reporting and maintenance activities are delivered with consistent quality.

As required by Section 4.0 of Chapter 5, industrial operators must conduct internal inspections and audits of air monitoring and reporting activities to verify that monitoring, reporting and maintenance operations continue to comply with the requirements of the Facility’s Quality System and the AMD. Audits may be completed through a single audit of the entire system or through multiple audits capturing portions of the overall system, provided all processes and procedures within the system are audited at least once every three (3) years.

Applicable facilities must have been in compliance with the requirements set out in Chapter 5 of the AMD 2014 on or before June 20, 2015.

Envirotech’s QAP Services
Envirotech assists our clients by providing services in the following 3 keys areas:

  • QAP Development - Envirotech has been assisting our clients in Alberta with the preparation of new AMD QAPs since 2007.
  • QAP Audits against AMD requirements  - Envirotech has been conducting Alberta facility based AMD QAP audits since the inception of the audit requirement in 2011.
  • Ongoing evaluation of existing QAPs – Envirotech continues to assist our clients with maintaining their QAPs and making revisions, as necessary, based on audit results and changing regulatory requirements.

Do you require assistance with the preparation of your Air Monitoring Directive Quality Assurance Plan at your facilities? Please feel free to Contact our Environmental Management Division for more information or a quote.

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