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Glycol Dehydrator Emissions Management

Companies in the oil and gas sector require a streamlined approach to managing glycol dehydrator operating and emissions data. Elements including gas chemistry, unique operation and system configuration at multiple dehydrator facilities can make dehydrator engineering and operations sheet (DEOS) preparation and benzene emission reporting very time consuming and costly.

Envirotech offers a turnkey solution for all your DEOS and benzene emissions reporting requirements as outlined by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Directive 039. The scope of work for our glycol dehydrator emissions management services may include:

  • Monitoring benzene emissions from glycol dehydrators;
  • Ensuring that benzene emissions for each dehydrator are within established limits;
  • Uploading gas analyses and  operating parameters for DEOS development;
  • Completing the DEOS to determine the benzene emissions from each dehydrator which identifies optimum operating conditions to minimize benzene emissions and guides the operation and inspection of glycol dehydrators;
  • Completing and submitting an annual dehydrator benzene inventory lists before the reporting deadlines for each province; and
  • Maintaining nearby resident distances from site and notification information used to calculate emission limits.

Envirotech has the flexibility of utilizing the most appropriate method for determining benzene emissions by utilizing several different platforms in order to assure maximum accuracy.

  • GRI GLYCalc v.4
  • Total Capture
  • Dehy ManagerTM

Because regulatory requirements change constantly, it is important to stay updated to new regulations such as the updated AER Directive 039, which takes effect in 2014.  At Envirotech we are fully prepared to keep your company up-to-date by delivering a full solution to your glycol dehydrator benzene emission reporting needs.

Do you require assistance with your glycol dehydrator emissions management and compliance reporting requirements? Please feel free to Contact our Environmental Management Division for more information or a quote.

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