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Environmental Consulting
CEMS Compliance
Compliance Reporting
Corporate Reporting
Environmental Monitoring Programs
Environmental Obligations &
Procedures Manuals
Fugitive Emission Leak Detection
GHG Emission Inventories
Glycol Dehydrator Emissions Management
Indian Oil and Gas Surface Lease Environmental Audits
Liability Management Rating (LMR) Optimization
Phase I ESA
Phase II & III ESA
NPRI Compliance Reporting
NOx Emissions Management
Quality Assurance Plans
Remediation & Risk Management
Contaminated Site Management
UST Assessment & Removal
Waste Characterization &
Disposal Permitting

Environmental Consulting Overview

Do you know you need environmental consulting assistance but are unclear about the type of environmental service you require? Whether it be for due diligence, regulatory compliance or business needs, Envirotech Engineering can design a cost effective scope of work that will meet your consulting needs.

Our Assessment & Remediation Division offers the following standard services:

Phase I ESA UST Assessment & Removal
Phase II & III ESA Land Development Planning
Remediation & Risk Management Plans Environmental Monitoring Programs
Contaminated Site Management Programs Soil Waste Characterization & Disposal Permitting

Our Environmental Management Division offers the following standard services:

GHG Emission Inventories Quality Assurance Plans
NPRI Reporting Environmental Obligation & Procedure Manuals
NOx Emissions Management General Compliance Reporting
Glycol Dehydrator Emissions Management Corporate Reporting
CEMS Compliance Liability Management Rating (LMR) Optimization

Our Upstream Liability Management Division offers the following standard services:

Licence Liability Rating Optimization (LLR)

Reclamation Program DevelopmentĀ 

Phase I and Phase II ESA Reclamation Planning and Supervision
Vendor and Consultant Management Vegetation Monitoring and Weed Management

Remediation & Risk Management Plans

Environmental Monitoring Programs

Detailed Site Assessments (DSA)

Reclamation Applications

No Entry Cancellations

Overlapping Exemptions

Pre-Acquisition /Divestiture Liability Assessments Environmental Database Support
In House Contract Specialist Placement Soil Waste Characterization & Disposal Permitting

Target Emission Services Division offers the following standard services:

Fugitive Emission Management Programs Fugitive Emission Leak Measurement
Infrared Optical Emission Leak Detection Target TrackTM Web-based Data Management
Conventional Emission Leak Detection Compliance Reporting & Consulting

For more information on one of our standard services please select the link on the left of page. If you cannot find the service that you are looking for please Contact our Environmental Specialists for a free consultation. Our quality services can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

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